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What are the major classifications of Wuyi Cliff-Grown Tea?

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Wuyi Mountains are a natural botanical garden with an excellent climate and geography. Wuyi rock tea can be standardised on the basis of geographical classification, with those on the mountains being rock tea, those on the river banks being continental tea and those outside Wuyi Mountain being outer mountain tea. Rock tea can be further divided into pure rock tea and semi-rock tea.

The evaluation of Wuyi tea has always been based on whether the tea-producing area is Zheng Yan or not. From the perspective of the natural environment where Wuyi Yan Cha grows, It can be regulated based on the classification of regions. Those on the mountain are Yan Cha, those on the river bank are Zhou Cha, and those outside Mount Wuyi are Wai Shan Cha. The Yan Cha can be further divided into Zheng Yan Cha and Ban yYan Cha.


1.Yan Cha

Those on the mountain are Yan Cha, which can be divided into Zheng Yan and Ban Yan Cha.

Zheng Yan Cha

Zheng Yan refers to the rock with a good growth environment in Jiuqu River. The " three pits and two gullies" ( Niu Lan Keng, Hui Yuan Keng, Dao Shui Keng, Liu Xiang Jian, and Wu Yuan Jian) are representative of  Zheng Yan production areas. The rock rhyme of tea products is obvious.

Ban Yan Cha

Ban Yan refers to the part in the Mount Wuyi area but not in the core scenic spot.

2. Zhou Cha

Zhou Cha refers to the tea grown in the tea garden environment on both sides of the river bank, mainly in sandy soil.

3.Wai Shan Cha

Wai Shan Cha refers to the area outside the Mount Wuyi Scenic Area, such as Jian'ou and Jianyang. 

The tea produced in Zheng Yan has a positive rock rhyme and obvious sweetness; such as the four famous Wuyi Cliff-Grown Tea which are known as the rising stars of Wuyi.

 Da Hong Pao

  • Appearance: Thick and bold, glossy, evenly shaped strips
  • Aroma: Aromatic aroma,full of orchid fragrance
  • Taste: Mellow and thick, mineral and sweet, with a distinctive yan-yun “charming rocky rhyme“ 

Tie Luo Han

  • Appearance: Strong and sturdy, evenly shaped strips
  • Aroma: Strong and long-lasting floral & Fruity fragrance, slightly medicinal scent
  • Taste: Rich and full-bodied rock flavour.  A clear mineral taste builds on the palate with every infusion. 

Shui Jin Gui  

  • Appearance: Tightly twisted
  • Aroma: Clear and delicate
  • Taste: Sweet and mellownotes, long-lasting mouthwatering finish

Bai Ji Guan

  • Appearance: The ropes are curled into strips
  • Aroma: The rich fragrance of Lilies
  • Taste: Fresh, uniquely fruity with a floral honeyed aroma and Long lasting sweet aftertaste

Lao Cong Shui Xian

  • Appearance: Thick and bold, glossy, tightly twisted
  • Aroma:Heady ripe and fruity aroma
  • Taste: Mellow, supple, full-bodied, smooth but complex liquor. Long lasting fruity finish. 

Rou Gui

  •  Appearance: Curled & Rolled Naturally
  • Aroma: flower and fruit flavor with cinnamon aroma
  • Taste: Sweet, juicy character has mineral and floral notes with a lingering aromatic and fruity finish


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