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尾牙收工酒迎接新的一年 Year-end Banquets Welcoming New Year

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傳統上“收工酒” 是工商界的習俗,設在農曆十二月十六日,正式名稱“尾牙”,商人們會在這一天“做牙”,即舉行祭拜神明的儀式,祈福祝願希望來年生意興隆,人事協調。



Two weeks before Lunar New Year, businesses would usually organise year-end banquets as a token of appreciation of their staff's effort throughout the past one year. The banquets are also the occasion when employers interact closely with their employees.

Traditionally, year-end banquets – known as weiya in Mandarin – are usually held on the 16th day of the 12th lunar month. It is also on this day businessmen engage themselves in activities praying for blessings and prosperity and harmony in life and business.

Year-end banquet is very meaningful in modern life. On top of interaction, people are also learning and understanding each other's work and business. Formally dressed, people are usually attending year-end banquets along with family members – making it more warmhearted and thus offering something more than business. Forgetting about the differences of ideology at work and business, people are gathering for good food and friendship. It is thus leading to better understanding between employers and employees – which is good for the business collaboration in the coming new year.

We welcome the new year with a sense of gratitude. And please bear in mind, everything that happens – for better or for worse – is meant to train us stronger. Gathering for the blessings of year-end banquet, let us welcome the new challenges in the new year with broader perspective.

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