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📅2021年的茶日曆 The Tea Calendar of 2021

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‘Drinking a cup of good tea the right way, is a blessing.’
魯迅 Lu Xun





Do you drink tea? Do you like to drink tea? Are you planning on starting to drink tea?

If you are still unfamiliar with tea-drinking, why not take it as a new, exciting experience and kick-start a HEALTH-tea life this new year? Perhaps, tea will develop as your lifetime enthusiasm.

Here is a Tea Calendar to guide your tea-drinking journey this 2021. We have different kinds of tea recommendations each month for you to taste the aroma, flavour, and feel the pleasure behind tasting different teas.


2021年的茶日曆 📅
The Tea Calendar of 2021

1️⃣月  熟普洱
January  Ripe Puer Tea


It is the first month of the year! Drink a cup of ripe puer tea to warm yourself up after the festive month – December and be prepared for a new sprint in the new year.

2️⃣月  閩南烏龍-紫竹蘭(鐡觀音)
February  Oolong Tea Fujian – Zi Zhu Lan (Tie Guan Yin)


The month where Chinese celebrates Chinese New Year. While having a feast during food gatherings with friends and family, how about a cup of aromatic Tie Guan Yin to pair with the hearty dishes.

3️⃣月  白茶-白牡丹
March  White Tea – White Peony


As we wave goodbyes to the joyous festive month, let’s drink white tea to dissipate our internal heat.

4️⃣月  綠茶-龍井
April  Green Tea – Long Jing


It’s Spring in April, indicating that the Long Jing tea buds on Hang Zhou’s tea mountains flushes, thereby best to taste Long Jing tea this period.

5️⃣月  廣東烏龍-蜜蘭香
May  Oolong Tea Guang Dong – Mi Lan Xiang


The flowers bloom in May. A cup of floral-scented Chao Zhou Oolong Tea is best to welcome the coming Summer.

6️⃣月  熏花茶-綉球茉莉
June  Flower Scented Tea – Jasmine Roundies


Dragon Boat Festival, also known as ‘Poet Festival’ comes around in June. Jasmine Roundies that are processed from green tea and scented flowers can lessen the greasiness of dumplings and other snacks, which also incorporates with the poetic aura this month.

7️⃣月  台灣烏龍-翠玉
July  Oolong Tea Taiwan – Cui Yu


This July, try out one of the Taiwan teas – Cui Yu Oolong for a refreshingly sweet sensation. Together we welcome the next half of 2021 with this addictive flower fragrance.

8️⃣月  閩北烏龍-老欉水仙
August  Oolong Tea Fujian – Lao Cong Shui Xian


When it comes to rock tea, Wuyi’s cliff-grown tea is a great choice. Let’s continue our wonderful tea journey with Lao Cong Shui Xian that is rich and mellow in flavour.

9️⃣月  青普洱
September  Green Puer Tea


Mooncake Festival is here! Pick a round-shaped green tea puer cake that symbolizes a full moon to commemorate the festival. The tea also aids in promoting better digestion after having too many mooncakes.

🔟月 閩南烏龍-黃金桂
October  Oolong Tea Fujian – Huang Jin Gui


Have a taste of Autumn tea – Huang Jin Gui. Slowly sip the golden tea and smell the lingering fragrance of Osmanthus to cheer yourself up after having a long day.

1️⃣1️⃣月 閩北烏龍-武夷肉桂
November  Oolong Tea Fujian – Wuyi Rou Gui


We are reaching the end of the year! The tea of November is the well-known Wuyi Rou Gui. The sharp fragrance of the tea boosts up our energy for us to get prepared for the new year.

December  Black Tea – Lapsang Souchong


This is a cheery month full of festivals. Tasting the natural sweetness of black tea puts a perfect end to the year.




With this tea calendar, can our lives get any better?

There is always time for tea, as tea makes everything better.

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