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茶水人生 A Life in Tea

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文 By: 蕭慧娟 Siow Fei-Chuan










The way to drink tea needs to be learned. This statement sounds natural, but really, is it alright to not learn tea art? Of course! It is absolutely fine to enjoy tea without knowing anything about tea art or tea ceremony.

For him who has no knowledge on tea, it is only a drink, plain like water, easily grabbed. All types taste the same, all fragrances smell the same. Who could say that this innocence isn’t a kind of happiness?

For him who asks nothing from tea, all tea-ware are no different from normal cookware, nothing more than tools that come in handy when needed.

Maybe it is time for us to drink and only drink. Less feelings and interpretations, much more relaxed. There are no regrets, nothing to lose, and nothing to expect. It is a choice to let life be.

Tea might not be a treasure, but it is definitely no ordinary item.

During the Tang Dynasty, there was a man called Lu Yu. When Lu Yu was born, he was abandoned into a river. He drifted to a temple and was adopted by a monk. This orphan who then dedicated his whole life to tea wrote The Classic of Tea(chajing), a ten-chapter monumental book about tea of which scale has never been exceeded. His effort and dedication has transformed him from an ordinary orphan to a great man remembered in history, and his contribution to Chinese tea culture has earned him the title the Sage of Tea.

Lu Yu drifted about throughout his life, like a tea leaf stretching, dancing with elegance. Sinking and rising in the tides of life, the fragrance stayed the same.

There is no more Lu Yu, and the classic remains a classic. It is time for us to sit down and have a cup of tea, this time one sip at a time, and let the taste sink in.

It really is okay not to learn about tea, just taste it!

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