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冷泡茶冲泡法 Cold Brew Tea

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Introduction: steeping in cold or room temparature water for an extended period time. The process brews the tea leaves slowly, using time rather than temparature to release the flavors. Cold brew tea is known to gently extract flavors from the tea itself, allowing for a truer tasting tea.

1) 使用大约400-500cc水瓶,加入一包袋泡茶。
2) 放入冰箱隔夜(约8-12小时)。
3) 于24小时内享用透心凉的冷泡茶。

Way To Brew
1) Use 1 bag for a 400-500cc cold water bottle.
2) Steep for 8-12 hours in room temperature or refrigeration.
3) And your refreshing cold brew tea is ready to serve.

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