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茶杯,茶道美學的開始 Tea Aesthetics: It all begins with a teacup

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文 By: 許玉蓮 Hooi Yoke Lien







All the effort put through to plant and produce tea, prepare tea equipage, brew and create a great tea-drinking environment comes down to one single purpose: the attainment of the ultimate tea experience whereby the rich infusion permeates and overwhelms our body, leading us to the sensation of pleasure and beauty. We feel calm, satisfied and mentally alert after a good cuppa. It is at this crystal-clear state of mind that we are closest to our soul.

We have to make sure every aspect is well executed, from tea plantation and production to brewing and the setting where tea is brewed and appreciated. Quality tea serving utensils are essential to bring out the pleasure in tea drinking. Simple as they may seem, well-made tea cups are pivotal to the pursuit of the Way of Tea; we just can’t afford to have these otherwise.

When we talk about the beauty of the Way of Tea, we may zoom in to the tea infusion right away. The aesthetics of tea infusion may be further narrowed to the appreciation of its colour, aroma and flavour. Or one simple question: does it taste good?

The flavour of tea is decided by a few elements: the person, the brewing method, the tealeaves, and the water and the utensils used. We will assess if the tea infusion has brought out the best possible flavour, given these external elements. Our senses of taste and smell will conclude the experience and decide if the tea tastes good.

The taste of tea infusion is no slight matter – it directly affects our body, mind and soul the very moment it is taken. A good brew rejuvenates and delights us; we are recharged to go further. A poor brew, on the other hand, spoils our day and takes us to a downward spiral; we will feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

A good teacup must be compact in texture and have a high degree of sintering. A teacup slightly wider at the rim and tapering towards the base enables us to appreciate the smoothness of the infusion. Tasting cups must be glazed for hygienic reason; it is harder to keep unglazed cups thoroughly clean.
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