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泡茶的和谐 The Harmony of Tea

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By 文: 许玉莲 Hooi Yoke Lien


泡茶、喝茶是很多人藉以表达“和”的活动。但“和”不会从天而降,“和”不能靠嘴巴说说就有的, 茶道的“和”由无数大大小小的人、事、物、情汇集、经营而被创造,做好了才会体现出来。

以泡茶为例,泡茶时我们选择“做得好”的茶来泡,“做得好” 的茶叶是指原料来源明确,制作技术良好的产品。一旦有“做好”,级别不必太在意,只有喝“做好”了的茶叶,身体才会健康,健康产生正能量,才能制造“和”。如我们冲泡一壶“制作不到位”或“做坏了”的茶给别人喝,那是对不起别人也对不起自己的,“和”也不会产生了。



Harmony is a condition when the relationships among the people, between mankind and nature and science are without conflicts. At home or at work, learning or relaxing, we enjoy harmonious lifestyle at ease when we treat each other gently.

Brewing and enjoying tea are our gesture to express harmony. Harmony is precious – it does not fall from the sky, nor is it accomplished by mere lip service. Harmony is created when the Way of Tea is managed earnestly in coordination with the people and circumstances and objects around us. The harmony of tea appears only when we oversee every matter.

For instance, tea-brewing. When we opt for quality tea leaves, we understand the sources of the materials, and the product is produced according to high quality standard. Confident of its quality production, the grade of the product becomes less important. Only quality tea ensures us good health, which in turn enhances our harmonious lifestyle. Harmony is unachievable if we opt for secondary tea leaves, which are the results of poor production. It is very impolite to serve our guests subpar tea – which makes harmony out of reach.

As we handle tea leaves, we shall show our respect, for it too has its lifespan. Harmony is when we insert tea leaves into the teapot with respect and care. Do not scatter the tea leaves on the table. Do not spoil the taste of the tea by shattering the leaves – which is akin to rudeness and disrespect. If we take tea leaves for granted and never show our respect, the tea may taste good, but the sense of harmony would surely be missing.

Scientific theories shall be our guideline to decide the quantity of tea leaves, water temperature, time length of infusion, selection of utensils and water quality for a pot of tea. We can also come up with different brewing methods when handling different types of tea leaves. Show the precious tea leaves our respect by extracting the best taste of them – so as to ensure the fulfillment of their role and mission in the world. This is how we define and present the harmony of tea.
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