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Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)
Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)
Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)
Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)
Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)

Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)

Product Code 1412040020

 ⚠️ NOTICE: 

Due to current restrictions, please note that the original packaging meant for this item will be replaced to small boxes Cane's Series (6teabags/box) for the time being until further notice. 

Cane's Slimtee, promote bowel movement for internal cleansing, alleviate the burden of our internal organs and help us maintain a shapely silhoutte. Net weight 60 grams (2 grams x 30 tea bags).

Cane's Slimtee (30 Teabags)

Premium Oolong Tea pairs with natural herbs to produce this vitality-packed health beverage. It is mild and pleasant in nature. Consume frequently to optimize your beauty and health.

Do not consume during pregnancy.

Teh Slimtee Cane's

Teh Oolong premium digaul dengan herba semula jadi untuk menghasilkan minuman kesihatan penuh bertenaga ini. Ia bersifat sederhana dan menyenangkan, minumlah selalu untuk mengoptimumkan kecantikan dan kesihatan anda.

Tidak sesuai untuk ibu yang mengandung.

Ways To Brew

1) Use 1 bag for a cup or mug.
2) Pour freshly boiled water over the teabag.
3) Steep for 1 to 3 minutes to extract the full flavor. (Adjust steeping time to suit personal preference of strength)

Packing: 30 tea bags/pack
Net Weight: ±54g
Ingredient: Oolong tea, Rose tea, Lotus leaf, Tinnevelly senna leaf, Mulberry leaf.
Product Origin: China
Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

Product Of Purple Cane Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.

Certified HALAL by Shandong Halal Certification Service, China
Recognized by Jakim