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Cui Yu Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)

Cui Yu Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)

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The Cuiyu tea of Taiwan Oolong tea, it's also a very famous tea in the market. Cuiyu tea just like many Taiwan Oolong teas has a very floral aroma and sweet lingering aftertaste that is very easily appreciated and enjoyable. This product net weight is 100g.

Cui Yu Oolong Tea Taiwan

Product Introduction


Mainly of the semi-fermented category, has a myriad of flavours. It is internationally-renowned for its distinct aroma, strength, mellowness, aftertaste and visual appeal. Dong Ding Oolong is the most famous of all. The stout, tightly-twisted tea leaves form semi-circles. It gives an intensely aromatic brew with smooth and full- bodied flovour. Wen Shan Bao Chong Tea has a distinct floral fragrance and fine strips with lively and pleasantly mellow taste. With lively and pleasantly mellow taste. With tea leaves tightly-twisted into spheres, Zheng Cong Tie Guan Yin is known for its pronounced aroma and smoothness with lingering aftertaste. Jin Xuan has a unique milky aroma, Jade(Cui Yu) gives off a strong wild floral scent and Si Ji Chun is refreshingly aromatic. High Mountain Tea (Gao Shan Cha) is grown in tea plantations 1000 meters above sea level. With elegant fragrance, it has full-bodied flovour with mellow sweetness. This leaves is good for several brewing and offers lingering aftertaste. The world’s only Taiwan-made White pekoe Oolong (also known as Pong Fong Tea, Oriental Beauty or Champagne Oolong ) has stout buds covered by distinct fine white hair. It features a rainbow-like palette of red, white, green, brown and yellow hues, making it a lovely sight to behold. Mellow and robust with hint of ripe fruit, smooth and sweet.

Product Origin: Taiwan
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Weight: 150g
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Tea Intensity: Yellow Green
Fragrance: Light fragrance of flowers
Taste: Refreshing Sweetness

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Choice of brewing vessel:
Purple clay, porcelain, ceramic or glass brewing vessel.

Brewing Hints:
Add tea leaves to the brewing vessel until 1/3 filled.
Pour 95°C fresh boiled water into brewing vessel and drain the tea infusion off immediately.
First brew is not for drinking, the purpose is for the tea leaves to unfurl and moisten. This helps release the full flavour of tea for a satisfying brew.
For the second brew, refill the brewing vessel with 95°C fresh boiled water, steep for approximately 30 Seconds to extract the full flavour.
Serve.Re-steep the leaves in similar manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep; continue re-steeping until the leaves are exhausted of flavour.

Storage: keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour



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