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Blissful Pleasure Gift Set By Teapluz

Blissful Pleasure Gift Set By Teapluz

Product Code 4812000030



Blissful Pleasure

  • 3 pcs of Premium Blooming Flower Tea with Canister
  • 1 Premium Glass Goblet

Expiry date
Blooming Flower Tea 31/12/2021

      Type of Flowers:

      • Autumn (Osmanthus & Lily)
      • Sunglow (Carnation)
      • Sunset (Jasmine, Globe Amaranth & Chrysanthemum)
      Product Origin: Fujian
      Quantity: 3pcs (Autumn, Sunset & Sunglow)
      Tea Type: Floral Tea
      Tea Intensity: Golden Yellow
      Aroma: Floral
      Taste: Refreshing, Mellow

      Brewing Method
      Pour 300ml of water with temperature of 85°C – 95°C into glass goblet. Place a single bud into the hot water. Steep for approximately 6 minutes. Serve when the tea bud fully opens. Re-steep in a similar manner to enjoy the tea until it is exhausted of flavour.

      Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.