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YSG Agarwood Set 1
YSG Agarwood Set 1

YSG Agarwood Set 1

Product Code 4811000070



Package includes:

  • 1 bottle x Cambodia Agarwood Essential Oil 3ml
  • 4 pcs x Handmade Agarwood Soap - ML
  • 1 pc x Handmade Agarwood Soap - S
  • Free 1 pc Classical Exquisite Calligraphy Bookmark


Cambodia Agarwood Essential Oil

Bottled in 3ml
Pure Agarwood Essential Oil has to go through fermentation and distillation process, and only 10 to 15cc of essential oil will be collected from more than 10kg of raw Agarwood , this made pure essential oil so precious.
Uses of essential oil :
It helps in relieves epilepsy, antimicrobial, carminative, anti-asthmatic, useful in nervous disorders, digestive and function to relieves insomnia and calm the nervous system before sleep.


Handmade Agarwood Soap

The Handmade Agarwood Soap made of Cambodia Agarwood Essential Oil, effectively helps to nutriate sensitive or dry skin. Massage gently with the foam on body or face, for the essence of the Agarwood oil to permeate into skin for the unique efficacy. The aroma helps on reducing stress and mind calming. Quality base oil added which will accelerate the smoothness of skin if is prolonged use.
Ingredients: Natural soap base Malaysia, pure Cambodia agarwood essential Oil, natural plant oil.

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