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Sen Cha Green Tea (100g)
Sen Cha
Sen Cha

Sen Cha Green Tea (100g)

Product Code 1431000040

Sen Cha is Green tea. This product net weight is 100g.


Product Introduction


Green tea is non-fermented tea. Freshly picked leaves are fixed, rolled and dried following a stringent process. It is further classified according to the way they are processed, hence the varieties of steamed, sun-dried, hand-fried, and roasted green tea teas. The leaves give a clear yellow-green liquor which has a delicate atoma and fresh in taste. Green tea is known to have a rich content of catechins, which is a great source of anti-odidant. Drinking green tea is believed to help build strong body constitution and benefit general health.

Product Origin: China
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Weight: 100g
Tea Type: Green Tea
Tea Intensity: Clear Yellow Green
Fragrance: Bean and nuts
Taste: Freshness

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Choice of brewing vessel:
Porcelain or glass brewing vessel.

Brewing Hints:
Filled the brewing vessel with ¼ full of tea leaves according to the type of vessel used.
Add hot water.
Steep for approximately 30 seconds to extract the full flavor.
Serve. The leaves is good for several brews.
Re-steeping in a similar manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep; continue re-steeping until the leaves are exhausted of flavor.

Storage: keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour.

Certified HALAL by Shandong Halal Certification Service, China
Recognized by Jakim