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Green Puer Tea Year 2007 Mengku (±400g)
Green Puer Tea Year 2007 Mengku (±400g)
Green Puer Tea Year 2007 Mengku (±400g)

Green Puer Tea Year 2007 Mengku (±400g)

Product Code 1101008940
Mengku Green Puer Tea is Green Puer tea. Product origin from Yunnan, China. This product is Spring Tea of year 2007, net weight ±400g per pc.

Green Puer Tea Year 2007 Mengku (±400g)

Product Introduction

Mengku Tea Biscuit (Green Cake) is prepared with selected "Mengku Broad-leaved Species" of sun-dried green raw tea leaves, which are famous all over the world, and processed by steaming and kneading. It is outstanding with its high quality. Every piece of it looks evidently big and fleshy with tiny hair when it is dunked in boiled water. The tea soup looks clear with yellow color, tastes mellow and smells fragrant for a long time. Drinking it frequently may clear thirst and hotness out, improve the appetite, remove greasiness and make one feel clear-headed and in high spirit.

Product Origin: Mengku, Yunnan Province, China
Ingredient: Sun-dried Large-leaf variety tea leaves
Weight: ±400g
Year of Production: 2007 Spring
Tea Type: Puer Tea
Tea Intensity: Yielding Golden
Fragrance: Refreshing Aroma
Taste: Smooth and mellow flavor with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Purple clay or porcelain teapot
Amount of Tea: Add tea leaves to teapot until 1/5 filled
Water Temperature: 85°C - 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: Steep for 30 to 40 seconds to extract the full flavour

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour