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18' Ripe Puer Tea Brick (4pcs)
18' Ripe Puer Tea Brick (4pcs)
18' Ripe Puer Tea Brick (4pcs)
18' Ripe Puer Tea Brick (4pcs)

18' Ripe Puer Tea Brick (4pcs)

Product Code 1103001380


Product Including: 4pcs Ripe Puer Tea Brick (250g/pc). Product origin from Yunnan, China.

18' Ripe Puer Tea Brick (4pcs)

Product Introduction

Pressed into block form, this tea brick is made of ripe puer tea. Each weighing 250g, it gives a bright, coppery-red infusion that is rich in flavour with a mellow mouth feel. This tea helps digest fat and reduce bloating, making it an ideal daily beverage for health and wellbeing.

Product Origin: Yunnan, China
Ingredient: Sun-dried large-leafed variety tea leaves
Weight: 250g x 4pcs
Year of Production: 2018
Tea Type: Ripe Puer Tea
Tea Intensity: Coppery-Red
Fragrance: Dates Fragrance
Taste: Rich in flavour with a mellow mouth feel

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Purple Clay or Porcelain Brewing Vessels
Amount of Tea: Break off a well-sezed portion of tea leaves from the tea brick. Add to brewing vessel until 1/4 filled.
Water Temperature: Above 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: First brew is not for drinking, the purpose is for unfurl and moisten tea leaves, it helps release the full flavour for a satisfying brew. For second brew, steep for approximately 30 seconds. Pour and serve. It is good for several brews, re-steeping the leaves in a similar manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep, continue re-steeped until it is exhausted of flavour.

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour