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2 Pcs Goldfish Tea Biscuit (60g)
2 Pcs Goldfish Tea Biscuit (60g)
Goldfish Tea Biscuit (3 pcs)

2 Pcs Goldfish Tea Biscuit (60g)

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  • Package includes: 2pcs Goldfish Tea Biscuit, usual price RM4.50 each.
  • 2 flavors: Puer Tea Goldfish Biscuit, Green Tea Goldfish Biscuit.
  • Best before 31-10-2020.


Product Introduction

First-ever Tea Mooncake in Malaysia, From Purple Cane
Purple Cane introduced its first tea mooncake in 1998. For tea to be a part of the festival delight, tea leaves have got to be grinded. In fine powder form, the tea leaves are mixed with other ingredients to form the pastry crust. It is a perfect complement to delicious fillings wuch as red bean paste, lotus paste and assorted nuts. The mooncakes win the hearts of even the most health-conscious, given that the mooncakes are neither too sweet or too savory, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. It is a refreshing treat for a festival widely celebrated.

Purple Cane's Tea mooncakes with cantonese style pastry crust and filling in addition to the refined and elegant green tea mooncake, the new variants are made with black tea, oolong tea, green tea and puer tea. Mooncakes with added tea leaves is a real pleasure-full of flavour and delicate taste, they are rich in plant fibre, hence, promoting health and beauty.

* Choose any 2 flavours:

Puer Tea Goldfish Biscuit
Green Tea Goldfish Biscuit
Net weight 60 grams each.

**For West Malaysia, order before 21/9/2020, get your mooncake on time for Mid Autumn Festival!
**For East Malaysia, order before 9/9/2020, get your mooncake on time for Mid Autumn Festival!


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