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Gong Mei White Tea Fujian (50g)
Gong Mei
Shoumei (Tribute)
Shoumei (Tribute)
Gong Mei

Gong Mei White Tea Fujian (50g)

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Gong Mei is White tea. Product origin from China Fujian. The product net weight is 50g.

Gong Mei White Tea Fujian (50g)

Product Introduction

White Tea originates from Fujian Province, China. Only tender buds with two leaves each are plucked in early spring. The stout, young buds go through only withering and curing, bypassing rolling process. Temperature for drying tends to be low and moderate. The dry leaves spot a natural form, greyish green on the surface and silvery white at the back. Slightly curl at the edge, while the buds, leaves and stems adjoin. Gives a clear, golden-orange infusion with smooth, velvety flavour and pleasant floral aroma. Balanced and rich, this is an all-day drink that helps dissipate heatiness in our internal system.

Product Origin: China, Fujian
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Grade: Tribute
Weight: 50g
Tea Type: White Tea
Tea Intensity: Dark Yellow
Fragrance: Withered Leaf
Taste: Mild & Refined

Brewing the Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Porcelain or glass lidded cup
Amount of Tea: Filled the lidded cup with å_ full of tea leaves
Water Temperature: 75°C - 80°C
Warming Up Brew: Once
Brewing Time: Steep for approximately 30 seconds to extract the full flavor. Serve. It is good for several brews.

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture

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HALAL Certified by Jakim