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Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)
Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)
Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)

Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)

Product Code 1708000230


Alishan is Oolong tea. Product origin from Taiwan. This product net weight is 100g.

Alishan Oolong Tea Taiwan (100g)

Product Introduction

Taiwanese tea, mainly of the semi-fermented category, has a myriad of flavours. It is internationally-renowned for its distinct aroma, strength, mellowness, aftertaste and visual appeal.

Product Origin:
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Weight: 100g
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Tea Intensity: Yellow Green
Fragrance: Ripe Fruit
Taste: Smooth and Sweet

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected:
Purple Clay, porcelain or ceramic brewing vessel
Amount of Tea: Add tea leaves to brewing vessel until 1/3 filled
Water Temperature: 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once or None
Brewing Time: Steep for approximately 30 seconds to extract the full flavour. Serve. It is good for several brews.

Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour