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Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Fujian (80g)
Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Fujian (80g)
Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Fujian (80g)
Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Fujian (80g)

Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Fujian (80g)

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Bai Ji Guan is Oolong tea. Product origin from China Fujian Wuyi Mountain. This product's net weight 80g.

Bai Ji Guan Oolong Tea Fujian (80g)

Product Introduction

Wuyi Cliff-Grown Tea is a unique semi-fermented tea grown in a unique way. Specifically, amongst the rocks, crevasses and peaks of Mount Wuyi, which is located in the north eastern part of Fujian Province, China. Picked and processed entirely by hand, the leaves are left to roll and curl naturally, solid and tough in appearance. The tea itself is both strong and smooth, rich and refreshing with a unique rock and floral aroma. It is an ideal drink after meals and has been proven to improve mental alertness, stimulate appetite and lower fat in the body.

Product Origin:
China Fujian
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Weight: 80g
Tea Type: Oolong Tea
Tea Intensity: Yellowish brown
Fragrance: Lily Aroma
Taste: Strong, smoothly mellow and rich

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected:
Purple Clay Teapot, Porcelain Ware
Amount of Tea: Fill the teapot with 2/3 full of tea leaves according to the type of teapot used
Water Temperature: 95°C
Warming Up Brew: Once or None
Brewing Time: 1st brew about 30 seconds, 2nd brew about 20 seconds, 3rd brew about 30 seconds

Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour