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Joyous Moon (A1) Tea Mooncake Gift Set 3 in 1
Joyous Moon (A1) Tea Mooncake Gift Set 3 in 1
Joyous Moon (A1) Tea Mooncake Gift Set 3 in 1
Joyous Moon (A1) Tea Mooncake Gift Set 3 in 1
Joyous Moon (A1) Tea Mooncake Gift Set 3 in 1

Joyous Moon (A1) Tea Mooncake Gift Set 3 in 1

Product Code 4301001960


(Thank you for your order and support! We are currently facing high order demands. Please note that current mooncake orders will take up to 14 working days to arrive. There may be slight delay due to MCO restrictions. Apologies for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.)

Package includes:
1 pc Red Bean with Green Tea Mooncake
1 pc Nanyang Kaya Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Mooncake (NON VEGETARIAN)
1 pack Grape Puer Tea (65g)
*FREE lantern riddles and two (2) sachets of Cane's tea bag

Best Before: 31-10-2021
This product is Halal from Purple Cane. 

Please note that flavors listed in this bundle may be substituted with other flavors of equivalent or higher value should there be any unforeseen circumstances where it is out of stock.

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First-ever Tea Mooncake in Malaysia, From Purple Cane

Purple Cane introduced its first tea mooncake in 1998. For tea to be a part of the festival delight, tea leaves have got to be grinded. In fine powder form, the tea leaves are mixed with other ingredients to form the pastry crust. It is a perfect complement to delicious fillings such as red bean paste, lotus paste and assorted nuts. The mooncakes win the hearts of even the most health-conscious, given that the mooncakes are neither too sweet or too savory, are low in fat content and contain no preservatives. It is a refreshing treat for a festival widely celebrated.

Purple Cane's Tea mooncakes with cantonese style pastry crust and filling in addition to the refined and elegant green tea mooncake, the new variants are made with black tea, oolong tea, green tea and puer tea. Mooncakes with added tea leaves is a real pleasure-full of flavour and delicate taste, they are rich in plant fibre, hence, promoting health and beauty.


Product Origin: Yunnan China
Ingredient: Tea Leaves, grape flavouring
Weight: 65g
Type: Red tea Late-fermented variety
Tea Intensity: Brownish Red
Fragrance: Aged Woody
Taste: Mellow & Bold
Appearance: Tight and evenly twisted


Choice of brewing vessel: Porcelain, ceramic or glass teaware

Brewing Hints:

Add tea leaves to the brewing vessel until 1/5 filled. Pour 95°C fresh boiled water into brewing vessel steep for approximately 30 Seconds to extract the full flavour. Serve. Re-steep the leaves in a similar manner to enjoy the tea as it develops from steep to steep; continue re-steeping until the leaves are exhausted of flavour.

*Amount of tea leaves and steep time may be adjusted according to your own taste.

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour


**For West Malaysia, order before 3/9/2021, get your mooncake on time for Mid Autumn Festival!
**For East Malaysia, order before 1/9/2021, get your mooncake on time for Mid Autumn Festival!