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Piao I Teapot (500cc)
Piao I Teapot (500cc)
Piao I Teapot (500cc)
Piao I Teapot (500cc)

Piao I Teapot (500cc)

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Piao I Teapot capacity is 500cc. Suitable for brewing all kinds of tea. Product origin from Taiwan.

Piao I Teapot (500cc)

Product Introduction

  • Easy to use, quick brewing, control brewing time without bitterness.
  • All-in-one teapot set can be used in brewing, filtering, serving or drinking.
  • No extra cup required for personal use. When serving guests, no limit in number of guests.
  • This tea set will not absorb odors and will highlight the genuine tea flavour.
  • With the same quantity of tea leaves, it brews more tea than other tea makers.
  • May be used for brewing any kind of loose tea, tea bags or coffee.
  • No filter paper is required for brewing coffee.

Material Guarantee

1) All plastic materials are food grade PC (Polycarbonate) with temperature resistance up to +130°C (+266°F) the same materials used to make baby bottles.
2) Glass used is of direct fired beaker glass with 150°C (302°F) transient temperature difference resistance.
3) All Metal parts (including filtering mesh, water stopping steel ball, steel band and handle fixing steel stripe) are made of SUS316 acid and alkali resistant Stainless Steel.


1) Place tea leaves, tea bag or ground coffee in the inner cup. No filter paper is required to brew coffee.
2) Pour just under boiling water and cover with the lid.
3) Gently press the water release button. The brewed tea will be filtered and will flow into the outer cup.
4) The outer cup may be used as a serving pitcher or as a drinking cup. The inner cup may be used for brewing while you are serving or enjoying your tea with the outer cup.

Capacity: 500cc

Size: Length: 12.8cm X Width: 8.7cm X Height: 15cm
Origin: Taiwan