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Piao I Travel Buddy (370cc)
Piao I Travel Buddy (370cc)
Piao I Travel Buddy (370cc)
Piao I Travel Buddy (370cc)

Piao I Travel Buddy (370cc)

Product Code 2303001250
Piao I Travel Buddy capacity is 370cc. Suitable for brewing all kinds of tea. Product origin from Taiwan.
Pioneers in tea-bottle design-innovative dual-purpose cup and pot.
Hot, Cold, Dual Use

Piao I Travel Buddy (370cc)

Product Introduction

  • A cup as well as a pot, the best portable bottle with an infuser.
  • Built-in strainer filters tea automatically and efficiently.
  • Patented air pressure relief lid relieves air pressure automatically and prevents rupture.
  • 100% Polycarbonate product. Highly shatter resistant. High temperature resistance up to +130°C (+266°F) , transparent body.
  • May be used to brew any tea that needs to be filtered, such as: coffee, flower tea, green tea, black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, tea bags etc.
  • Drink tea whenever and wherever you want!

  1. Open bottom lid and put tea leaves, tea bag or coffee grounds into the filter. Then tighten bottom lid.
  2. Open upper lid and pour boiling water. You may also use cold or iced water for cold brewing.
  3. Press the button to open the top lid to drink.

  • Not microwave safe.
  • Do not store it in the freezer.
  • To avoid salding when water is hot, this product should not operated by yound children or children without adult supervision.


When filling this bottle with boiling water, boiling water may be emitted from the straw.
Please wait 10 minutes or more before drinking to avoid scalding yourself.

Capacity: 370cc
Size: Length: 6.5cm X Width: 6.5cm X Height: 18.5cm
Origin: Taiwan