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Year 2018 Special Selected Bi Luo Chun
Year 2018 Special Selected Bi Luo Chun
Year 2018 Special Selected Bi Luo Chun
Year 2018 Special Selected Bi Luo Chun

Special Selected Bi Luo Chun Year 2019 Jiang Su (100g)

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Year 2019 Special Selected Bi Luo Chun is Green tea. Product origin from China JiangSu. This product is Spring Tea of Year 2019, net weight 100g.


Product Introduction

Bi Luo Chun is one of the <Ten Famous Green Teas>in China. A non-fermented variety, Bi Luo Chun is mainly produced in Dongting Mounting oiangsu Province. It was commonly known as "Xia Sha Ren Xiang" amazing fragrance among natives on the island.

As the legend goes, it struck Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi as a rare find and true delight. The Emperor later named it Bi Luo Chun (the Green Snail Spring).

Pluckers only plucked the tea leaves in early spring. Its tender leaves and buds are rich in minerals. The production is governed by stringent rules: only leaves plucked on the day are fried; no overnight leaves are used. During the process, tea farmers keep stir-frying the tea leaves in the wok ‰ÛÒ this is compared to the production of a high-end art and craft object, limited, and hence precious. Leaves and buds are rolled by hand to form tiny snail-like spirals covered in fine silver hairs. These beautiful tender tea leaves brews a bright yellow-green liquor, with unique spring-fresh, brisk and slightly sweet notes, featuring a very pronounced aroma of floral and fruit. It is a cup to sip and enjoy at any time of the day.

Product Origin: Suzhou, China
Ingredient: Tea Leaves
Grade: Special Selected
Weight: 100g
Tea Type: Green Tea
Tea Intensity: Bright Yellow-Green
Fragrance: Floral and Fruit Aroma
Taste: Mellow Refreshing

Brewing The Perfect Cup

Tea Ware Selected: Porcelain or glass brewing vessel with capacity of about 150cc
Amount of Tea: Add the brewing vessel about 5 grams or 3 teaspoons of tealeaves
Water Temperature: 75C - 85C
Warming Up Brew: None
Brewing Time: Steep for approximately 30 seconds to extract the full flavor. Serve. It is good for several brews.

Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, moisture and odour